at a guilt free price


Taste Italy. Instantly

Imagine waking up to an authentic Italian espresso brewed to perfection at

the tip of your tongue. An experience that will launch your senses into

velvety and aromatic ecstasy and catapult your mind to Italy’s narrow

historic streets where everyone greets you “Buon Giorno”!

The era of brewing a gallon of brown lukewarm liquid or overpaying for a

“venti” is over. It’s time for American coffee drinkers to wake up in the

morning and exclaim MAMMA MIA over an espresso brand that values


No in-home espresso maker has mastered the art of brewing a real Italian 

espresso. Our competitors have tried but with only 5g of coffee in their pods

they have failed to serve a real espresso. A real made in Italy espresso,

which you get at any Italian sidewalk bar, contains 7g amount of coffee

at a pressure of 19 bars.

Son of A Barista guarantees a real and authentic espresso experience at

the convenience of your own home, at a quality and price that beats any

player on the market. Join us in making America RISE & SHINE!

Truly the best Espresso I’ve ever tasted in the comfort of my home.

Magnus Lygdback

Why Son of a Barista?

When we started this company, we had a clear goal in mind. To bring to the market the highest quality coffee, in a pod. We wanted our Espresso to taste exactly like one you can sip in a bar in Italy.


How we select our beans

Our beans comes exclusively from organic and free-trade plantation from all over the world.

We select exclusively triple A plantation to ensure the highest quality of the raw beans at the source.

Roasted in Italy

Once selected our beans travel to Italy. To ensure that our coffee is roasted and grind following the traditional recipes, our roaster is located in Italy where our master artisans make the magic happen.






Artisanal Method

It’s not a secret. To mass produce a product in huge quantities, you have to sacrifice the quality. For us this was simply unacceptable. We opted for an artisanal production method to ensure the quality even if that meant being able to produce smaller quantities.


Straight to your home!

Packaged with nitrogen to ensure freshness, our coffee is ready to travel again. 

By cutting middle man, distribution and retail, we ensure a competitive price for our product. This is why you can find us only online. Are you ready to sip the best Espresso you’ve ever taste?


Don’t miss our launch offer!

We believe so much in our coffee that the machine is on us!



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