Our Coffee

    Organic, Artisanal, Delicious.

    Masterfully & Responsibly Sourced

    We source our coffee from the best coffee growers around the world. We take pride in buying coffee from responsible growers and treating are partners fairly and ethically. That is why all our coffee is fair trade.


    Roasted To Perfection

    In our facility in Northern Italy, our artisan roasters apply generations of knowledge to create the perfect blends for the most refined coffee palettes. Though we rely on wisdom from the past that doesn't mean we are stuck in the past. We are also on the forefront of innovation exploring new ways to use technology to enhance the coffee experience.


    The Coffee Pod Redesigned

    The industry standard coffee capsule contains around 5 grams of coffee. Though this is "good enough" for many consumers, it is done to maximize profits rather than help brew a great cup of coffee. In contrast, we designed our pods to hold 7.5 grams of coffee, allowing for a much richer, flavorful brew. 


    Planet Over Profit

    We are proud to say that our coffee pods are recyclable. However, like many products that are recyclable, we understand that often times they still end up in landfills. This is typically a result of consumer behavior and the practices and policies of recycling plants. This is especially true of coffee capsules and pods. Due to the remaining food waste (coffee) and other materials companies use to produce their capsule lids, the capsules often don't get recycled. This is why we are committed to making a real difference. We are currently researching bioplastics in our next generation of pods. This means that the entire pod will biodegrade on its own regardless of where it ends up.